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Hello, I'm Dylan, an avid fan of the Halo series for going on 10 years now. I'm here to contribute in any way I know how, and I've recently been working on pages for Halo 4's Multiplayer Maps. You may also know me as the sole active admin of the Mountain Dew Wiki, or perhaps my Mountain Dew fan blog (if not, do please give them a look).

Halo History

The first game in the series that I picked up was Halo 2, which I instantly fell in love with. I eventually went back and experienced Halo: Combat Evolved, and enjoyed both their campaigns and played split-screen Multiplayer with various friends, though we never played online and never developed any skill.

When I learned of Halo 3's then-upcoming release, I decided to ask for it and an Xbox 360 for Christmas 2007. I played through its campaign and loved it, though it wasn't until Halo 3: ODST came out (including the Halo Multiplayer Disc) that I decided I would attempt to play online Multiplayer. I had a lot of fun during this time, but I honestly can't recall a single game that I did well in whatsoever (heheheh).

At this point in my being a Halo fan, I was digging into its amazing lore, learning of the Forerunners and looking at the games as more than just "go shoot some aliens and beat this level."

News of Halo: Reach made its way to me, and I was unimpressed at first, until I saw the amazing improvements being made to the Forge mode. The moment I saw Forge World, I concluded to buy the game and enjoy it fully; and I stuck to that plan. My first game of Reach was a 1 on 1 with my friend's 7-year-old little brother, who gave me a run for my money. I played offline for a while, but again eventually decided to try to jump into matchmaking. I don't remember much about my early days of Reach online other than dying often. The summer of 2011 will forever hold fond memories of ranking my Spartan up, and honing my skills as a Halo gamer for the first time (Mostly in Living Dead and Big Team Battle). I got my fill of Reach, all of its Map Packs, and Matchmaking updates.

Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary was a refreshing change, and it proved to me that 343 Industries knew what they were doing.

Halo 4's announcement marked the beginning of my quest to love a game like I never have before. I followed every single step of its release, watching leaked footage, reading each weekly Halo Bulletin, participating in the ARG, and learning as much about the game (minus spoilers) that I possibly could before it released. I picked up my copy of the limited edition at the Midnight release with my college friends and have been thoroughly enjoying it since.

I grew up with Halo, and it is easily my favorite video game series.

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