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aka OpSihg

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August 31, 2011
  • I was born on May 24
  • My occupation is A Writer
  • I am a Crazy Evil Genius
— A possible Battle cry

My Name is Stabber OpSig (at least that's how you pronounce it)

I've never played Halo with the Internet, still working to fix that...

Facts About ME

  • A bit crazy, maybe Insane
  • Live off of Science Ficiton
  • Trying to be a Writer
Ih promethean bullet

Favorite picture of a Forerunner.


Color (Any Game):

  • PRIMARY: Silver
  • SECONDARY: Dark Purple
  • VISOR: Blue


Halo 3

Halo Reach

  • Head: Operator
  • Shoulders: GUNGNIR, CQC on the Left if or when I'm able to get a High enough Rank
  • Knee Guards: GUNGNIR
  • Cant do without the Buckler

Halo 4

  • I have my eyes on the Wetwork Armor.
  • Stalker armor looks neat as well, the helmet looks like a good second choice with the Wetwork one.
  • It would be nice to add in the limbs of the Prefect variation.

What HALO means to me

  • Has given be some good scares
    • The FLOOD. First encounted in Halo PC version, near the beginning of or before High School.
  • A Great Story with Excellent Execution
    • What HALO does reveal. That was the best plot twist ever, of all time.
  • Have learned (or teach others) that pink can be a very scary color.
  • Source of the ingenius and always fun Red vs Blue.

Favorite Weapons

A great combination of "Skill Needed" and Raw Power.
It's Spikes functional and Neat Looking
I like firing accuratly, and this combines that with my favorite Needler
I play Armored Core, So felt right at home in Killing stuff (and not Dieing) in it.

Games Played (In Order)

The Highest level I've beaten any Campaign is on Heroic Difficulty.

Battle Screams, Ones I've used or just like

  • Your not Dying! DIE FASTER!!!!

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