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Halo 3 ODST

"...I don't know what I'm about to do, but I'll go thru Heaven and Hell if I have to..."

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Either are you new here or need help in general? Send me an informal message on my board or post a formal and more detailed request on my talk page. If you prefer a face-to-face dialogue, meet me on the Nation:IRC_Channel IRC.

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Spirit of Fire
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524 years before the SPARTAN-II

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6' (180 cm)


77 Kg

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so far Commander


I am a 20-year old Halo universe fan and I've been loving the Halo Universe since the first game came out. I've finished any Halo videogame on any difficulty and I'm a veteran member of Halo Nation as well as an Administrator. I'm really fond of FPS and RTS games in general, my hobbies are watching films, playing/listening to music and practicing sports, mainly body-building. I also enjoy in reading books and comics. My real life passion is aviation, exspecially aerial warfare.

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Curriculum Vitae & Halo Nation Items

  • Eternal
    • Help improving Halo Nation
    • Fight Vandals and Spammers
    • Help new users
Career Stats
  • Ranks
    • Lieutenant Lieutenant Grade One: 10/14/2008.
    • Captain Captain Grade One: 12/3/2008.
    • Major Major Grade One: 01/16/2009.
    • Lt. Commander Major Grade Two: 03/13/2009.
    • Commander Commander Grade One: 07/24/2009
  • Bureaucracy
    • Administrator: 06/22/2009.
    • Halo Nationn of the Month of June 2009.
    • Rollback Rights: 01/21/2009.
    • Number of Edits: 1900 as of July.
    • Votes: about 300.
    • Comments: 160.

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