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USER Router Fullbody
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Beta Hydri VI

Date of birth

8 April 1821

Physical description
Rank SR
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Hair color

Cannot be observed with current electromagnetic sensors.





Chronological and political information

Post-War Era


United Nations Space Command

Routerincident main


I'm routerıncıdent. My hobbies include programming, server administration, and flying multirotors (or multirotor, because I can only afford one). If you need help with your computer or anything computer-related, I'll probably be able to assist. If you need to contact me, leave a note on my talk page. If it's really really important, send me an email. I'm a brony, in case you didn't get the memo. It's not always blatantly obvious. Not that there's anything wrong with making it blatantly obvious that you're a brony.


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[04:44] <RouterIncident> Mods are sleeping.
[04:44] <RouterIncident> Post ponies.
[04:45] ~ T3CHNOCIDE has accessed FLEETCOM ~
[04:45] <RouterIncident> ABORT ABORT

Reganomics, Baby


Lemon Demon - Reaganomics03:28

Lemon Demon - Reaganomics

Solid whitea b c d e f g h Solid white
8black rookblack knightblack bishopblack queenblack kingblack bishopblack knightblack rook8
7black pawnblack pawnblack pawnChess l44.pngChess d44.pngblack pawnblack pawnblack pawn7
6Chess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.pngChess d44.png6
5Chess d44.pngChess l44.pngChess d44.pngblack pawnwhite knightChess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.png5
4Chess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.pngwhite pawnChess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.pngChess d44.png4
3Chess d44.pngChess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.pngChess d44.pngChess l44.png3
2white pawnwhite pawnwhite pawnChess d44.pngwhite pawnwhite pawnwhite pawnwhite pawn2
1white rookwhite knightwhite bishopwhite queenwhite kingwhite bishopChess d44.pngwhite rook1
Solid whitea b c d e f g h Solid white
You, yes, you. Go ahead and move, as long as it says "Last Move: Black". I'm on the black side; you get white. Make sure you update the last move to white, if you move.

Last Move: White


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