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This is my user page.  It was a dark night and sergeant forge wanted a fight so he brought an army of 689000 destroyers, 19000 cyclops, 490000 warthogs, 1450 vultures,hawks, pelicans, and hornets, plus 9999999999 spartans, marines, and odst's, mongooses, and 495014756 elephants, 45665 halcyon class light cruisers, 4565444 frigates, the forward unto dawn, pillar of automn, spirit of fire, and the infinity against the entire covenant army but the had 300 trillion times as much as an army than forge had but yet the humans won with the help of master chief, noble team, red team, black team, and omega team. The battle was fierce and took 3608 months to win and the humans lost 79.89% of their team the covenant lost 99.89% of their team and their is still technology being picked up from that location which is the human colony reach and the covenant teamed up with adolf hitler but they lost then the flood struck a deal and provided an even greater challenge in a battle that last twice as long but still the humans won. my blog post  above i am a male i live in the good ol' u.s.a

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