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Leeroy, can I have Chicken?

aka Leeroy. Or Lee. Or Chicken.

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October 15, 2011
  • I live in some shed somewhere. I don't know, I can't concentrate with these Government goons at my door with guns.
  • I was born on August 11
  • My occupation is running from the feds., that counts as a job. Otherwise, unemployed.
  • I am probably going to run now. Yeeeeaaah...
USER Surrounded, then you make a stupid comment. BAD IDEA.

Not ideal to insult Halo AND Ponies at the same time in front of Halo and Pony fans.

Killin' haters LAIK A BAWSS

Never, I mean NEVER let Pony and Halo haters onto the Chat. Chances are they want to talk about CoD.

Joining Halo Nation. LIKE A BAWWSS

Joining Halo Nation. I was not in the AWESOME group. I was outside the Pelican standing in the rain.

An average Halo Nation Chat.


Halo nation Strike team.

Right people, lets get this show on the road!

Ignore the 501st. WE ROCK!

The 501st are rubbish. We make the Prophets poop in their colourful little robes. :D



  • Shotgun02 has joined the chat.
  • 9:31SWATminifigGUY: Hi shotty
  • 9:31CaboosesBestBuddy: Hey hey.
  • 9:31Leeroy, can I have Chicken?: Wassup, mother bucker?
  • 9:31CaboosesBestBuddy: :O You buck mothers, Leeroy?
  • 9:31UHW~Arbiter: i'm fine
  • 9:31SWATminifigGUY: I am shocked. Almost too shocked for words.
  • 9:32CaboosesBestBuddy: ?
  • 9:32Leeroy, can I have Chicken?: Bucker = Brony speech pattern, reguarly used as greeting by male adult fans of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
  • 9:32Nebula Prime: shut up 343
  • 9:32CaboosesBestBuddy: Ah.
  • 9:33CaboosesBestBuddy: Thanks.
  • 9:33Leeroy, can I have Chicken?: Please be quiet, non sentient life, or I shall be forced to take most unpleasant counter-measures..

Agent Tex:Resist the ponies!!
3:45Bravadostock:bye Tex
3:45Leeroy, can I have Chicken?:Philly....
3:45Karl-591:Resist all you want, Tex. But if you start bashing there will be trouble.
3:46Leeroy, can I have Chicken?:Exactly. Karl knows where Applejack lives.
~ Agent Tex has left the chat. ~
3:46Leeroy, can I have Chicken?:And I've broken, like, 5 Pinkie Promises.
3:47Leeroy, can I have Chicken?:Hold on, there's a Pony with an anglegrinder at the door. Must go say hello.

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