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aka The Doctor

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August 1, 2012
  • I live in Gallifrey
  • I was born on March 5
  • My occupation is Time Lord
  • I am the War Doctor
“Sneaking up behind you and assassinate you quick, Mad love for Bungie, this game is so sick,
While you be lagging, I be fragging, straight making it rain, The tactics are scary Legendary Campaign.”
— Halo Reach Uber Rap - "It's All about Reach".
USER Arnold-072 Render
Gabriel Isaac Auditore
Gender Male, proudly
Location "The Ark"
Date of Birth March 5th
Zodiac Pisces
Height 5'8"
Occupation Student
Facebook gi.auditore
Youtube GIAuditore
deviantART ~gabrielauditore

Welcome to my User Page. You can leave a message here and I'll try and get back to you. I usually check the wiki at least once a week so bear with me. I'm also an Apprentice at the Assassin's Creed Wiki, so you may want to check out my User Page there.

I'm currently helping out with Project Re-Categorisation. If you spot any category that appears to be misspelled or duplicated, do not hesitate to leave a note on my talk-page about it.

I also write Halo/Assassin's Creed crossover fan-fiction. You can check it out at Spartan's Creed.


“Nothing is True. Everything is Permitted.”
— Completely irrelevant quote from Ezio Auditore.

From an early age, Gabriel Isaac Auditore has enjoyed speaking in the third person. He is a regular gamer with regular hobbies. Assassin's Creed is his favorite video game series, followed by Halo, The Elder Scrolls and Prototype (Requiescat in pace...). He also occasionally plays RuneScape under the username goth_istiaq. He has used various household items to make several non-lethal weapons from Assassin's Creed. His pastime is slacking off in chem lab making smoke bombs out of potassium nitrate and sugar. He also does the occasional sketch or Photoshop project. His favorite hobby is getting together with his friends and playing Halo 2 Vista, and using the Energy Sword in said gatherings till his friends gang up on him.

My Favorite Pages on this Wiki

“I like pie.”
— Me, confessing my love of pie.


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