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USER Spartan 217 Great War Era

Spartan 217, Great War Era

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post-war era

Nick 217
Biographical information



Date of birth

April 11th, 2519

Date of death

Spartans Never Die...

Physical and combat information





Hair color

Dark Brown

Eye color





Prefers the Saw, Energy Sword or DMR


Whatever he can find



Chronological and political information






Great War, Post War

Notable facts

Has wrestled for the Corbulo Military Academy; one of the last remaining Spartans after the fall of Reach, which was his home world

They Call It Halo... a note from Dabomb217

I was meant to be a Halo fan from birth. After all, I was born at 1:17 in the morning and my current street address is 117** [< REDACTED/>]. On January 14th, 2557(2012), I have recently decided to put my infinite knowledge about the Halo Universe to good use, knowing that I can help this Halo Wiki for the better. Oh, and did I mention my wrestling locker combo is 117? (though after locking it up I make sure to always leave it on 343. XD)

Update as of January 16th, 2012: I am currently ranked at #117 on the Halo Wiki

Early Life:

Nick-217 was born on the Planet Reach on April 11th, 2519. Raised in a small town by his parents who had been born in what was formerly New York on Earth, he is the first of his family to be born outside of Earth. Though 217 was heavily bullied in middle school, he achieved outstanding grades and was invited to visit the Corbulo Academy of Military Science. On August 28, 2533, he began High School at the Academy, and rose to become the captain of the Wrestling Team by his Junior year. Unknown to him, Catherine Halsey had intended to abduct him as a child, but had failed and still knew he would make a powerful Spartan. Breaking her own rules, Halsey offered him the opportunity to become a Spartan, and after finishing high school in 2337 was willfully transported to become a Spartan on Reach.

Spartan Career

Information in this section and on this listed personel is authorized and closely monitored by The Office of Naval Intelligence.

>>>Note: Classified data WILL be censored by ONI personel

Nick made strong aquantince with an older veteran and leader in the Spatan III program, Master Chief Petty Officer John-117, who was a strong source of inspiration for him.

Loss of Left Arm

During a Special Ops mission on September 28th, 25**, Nick-217 lost his left arm to an Elite Concilor wielding an Energy Sword before using his right hand to stick a plasma grenade to its chest. Nick-217 now has a Prosthetic Limb in the arm's place, and he kept the elite Concilor's skull as a trophy
USER Dabomb 217 skull1

The Skull of the Elite that took Nick-217's arm, which the spartan kept as a trophy

Remainder of file currently being de-classified

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