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Up Close and Personal
Up Close and Personal achievement
5 Gamerscore
Halo 3

Up Close and Personal is a Halo 3 multiplayer achievement. It is obtained by killing 5 enemies by melee or assassination in a ranked free for all playlist. The achievement gives the player 5 gamerpoints and unlocks the Elite Ascetic Harness chest piece for use in multi-player.

It is represented by an arm and five white stars inside a gray circle.

An easy way to get this achievement is to just acquire the Gravity Hammer on Guardian, stay in the shadows, and just smash players as they come around corners. The same works on levels with Energy Swords, such as The Pit. Another way to get it is to use cloaking and try to sneak around an enemy or two. Also, a good strategy on Guardian is to hang out outside the main building with a Gravity Hammer, and smash people as they come around corners. If you don't kill them immediately, there's a good chance that the splash effect from the hammer will throw them off the edge.

Another such way to get this achievement is to get a swords match in Lone Wolves. All kills with the Energy Sword count as a melee kill; therefore, all you have to do is get 5 kills.

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