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“Brother 'Crolunee, rejoice, for the green monster is no more, banished by the righteous might of our forces. My Needler has never had truer aim. Each shard unerringly found its mark across the field of battle. Why, even now, the Unggoy make sport with the green abomination's helmet.”

This Unidentified SPARTAN was a SPARTAN-II commando in the UNSC Naval Special Warfare Command.[1]


In a ground engagement during the Harvest Campaign, this SPARTAN unsuccessfully engaged twenty-five Covenant soldiers with a pair of M7 submachine guns. The SPARTAN managed to kill Seven Covenant soldiers, but was quickly killed by Ustaf 'Nbekee's Needler. As a war prize, the Unggoy under 'Nbekee's command were allowed to play games with the SPARTAN's helmet.


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