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Rebel infantry.

This Rebel Group was an anti-UNSC Insurrectionist organization, based on the colony worlds of Harvest[1] and Arcadia.[2]

The seal of this organization is of a stylized white fist on a red circle, and is found on nearly all of their units.

Equipment Edit

Their equipment was mostly gained from captured UNSC units and buildings, including barracks and defensive turrets.


  • They do not appear in the campaign of Halo Wars. They are relegated to Skirmish/Multiplayer. Their activity on Chasms suggest that they are defensive in nature. They defend base sites and Forerunner relics.
  • They may be associated with the United Rebel Front, a major group also opposed to UNSC jurisdiction. Regardless, UNSC forces fighting and killing the Rebels will call them Insurrectionists.
  • Many units, such as infantry called the SCI trooper and a Re-purposed Warthog, were planned for use by the Rebels but were cut from the final game.
  • Note that their Rocket Launchers are not actually a "Y" ability that is found on UNSC Marines. It's instead a "passive" ability like the Rockets from a Hornet.
  • The Rebels featured on all Skirmish levels of Halo Wars tend to have at least 1 star on their Veterancy level. This is likely to counteract their bases being so comparatively weak against the Covenant/UNSC.
  • They are one of the only units that are found armed with sniper rifles in Halo Wars posing as an anti-infantry unit for rebels; the other being the Jackals.
  • They use MA5B rifles regardless of the fact that rebels at the time used MA3 rifles and .30 caliber light machine guns.


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