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“I guess I'm not too smart... but you know what I am? ...Good at my job.”
— Unnamed Police Officer

The Unnamed Police Officer is a police officer in Bergen County at the P23 police station.[1] He is an effective interrogator and was the officer who gave Janissary James a PQI. While he may not be very book smart, he is very cunning in the practical realm.[2] Before becoming a police officer he served in the UNSC, having pulled strings to join up a year early when he was only seventeen.[3]

After interrogating Janissary James, he worked out that she was a Spartan 1.1[4] and immediately seized advantage when her father burned down the station to get rid of the evidence.[5] Unable to prosecute the man who raped his friend's daughter, he blackmailed Jan into helping him get away with murder.[4] He shot the rapist, and then lied, saying that the man had drawn first,[6] letting Jan, who could beat the PQI, back him up as a witness.[7]

He later paid her back by giving her a 20 minute window to launch an assault on Crystal Security, a business used as a front by a gang of criminals.[8] After the 20 minutes, it is implied he led a team of police officers to the building. By then, Jan and her crew were long gone.


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