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For the Halo 2 character, see Unnamed Lieutenant (Halo 2)

This Unnamed Lieutenant served as Colonel Herzog's personal assistant. He requested transferring to Herzog's command, but found himself regretting it when he found out how annoying his superior could be. Regardless, he remained faithful to him. Herzog arranged to have him transferred to Reach to spy on the SPARTAN-II project. He would have left for Reach on December 12, 2552, but when Reach fell his transfer was canceled. Following the attempt on Rani Sobeck's life Herzog had him transferred to a diplomatic posting in New Mombasa, claiming it would be good for the Lieutenant's career. The Lieutenant determined however that Herzog was moving him in order to protect him from any potential political fallout or assassination attempts by Major Standish.


  • He is horrible at history and got World War II confused with the Hundred Years' War.
  • He doesn't drink. Though when Herzog insisted he share an Alt Burgundy, he started choking. He describes the wine as smelling like tar.


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