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Unmutuals are Yanme'e who suffer from one (or possibly more) personality disorder(s), where the affected creatures are unable to function as a single coherent low grade hive-mind, leading to significant problems in such a rigid socialized species. This inability to function turns them into psychopaths. They brutally attack other Yanme'e - sometimes with little provocation - and smash eggs. These individuals are outcasts, sentenced to work as slaves in Kig-Yar operated penal work colonies, where they are worked to death and often tortured. However, despite their violent, random natures, some Unmutuals can be clever and intelligent.[1]

One such penal colony was transferred to Verge, where they worked to maintain the local beacon with a constant supply of helium-3. They were accidentally freed by Team Black, tricked by a lone individual who offered an alliance between the Yanme'e and the UNSC. While many of these Yanme'e were killed by the destruction of the beacon by Black-Two, there may have been survivors.[1]

The term "unmutuals" is an inexact translation from the original Yanme'e word. Another descriptive term is "incapable of socialization."



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