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United Nations Space Command Transmission 90872H-11[1] was a United Nations Space Command transmission sent by Admiral Roland Freemont, Commander of FLEETCOM Sector One, to Vice Admiral Alexander Reaves in 2552. The transmission was to reassign SPARTAN-II Black Team with a new mission, Operation: BLOWBACK, which was to conduct sabotage operations on Covenant supply lines in enemy space.

It was encoded by encryption key Black and the Public Key was file /gamma-thunder-twelve.


United Nations Space Command Priority Transmission 90872H-11

Encryption Code: Black

Public Key: file /gamma-thunder-twelve

From: Admiral Roland Freemont, Commanding Fleet Officer, FLEETCOM Sector One Commander/ (UNSC Service Number: 00745-16778-HS)

To: Vice Admiral Alexander Reaves, SN: -2864-95668-AR

Operation BLOWBACK

Classification: MOST SECRET (BGX/Cole/General Directive)

/start file/

This note authorizes its holder to order the immediate reassignment of one (1) team comprised of four (4) SPARTAN-II class personnel, along with all necessary gear and equipment (i.e. MJOLNIR armor system) for use in sabotage operations in enemy space.

To wit, Section III indicates that sub-sector 35, largely unexplored and believed to be uninhabited, is being used as a primary supply route by the enemy.

SPARTAN-II team designate-BLACK shall deploy in a civilian prospecting vessel with a plainclothes ONI crew. They shall allow themselves to be "captured" by and/or forcibly board any Covenant vessels encountered in sub-sector 35, secure all priority intelligence assets, and then destroy said vessels. Upon "capture," an auto-executing viral scavenger countdown of fifteen (15) minutes will be engaged by shipboard AI to maintain Cole Protocol in case of total mission failure.

Immediate destruction of any paper version and deletion of any electronic version of attached communique once its contents are fully apprehend is ordered to maintain MOST SECRET operational security status.

/end file/



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