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This creature is an aquatic predator native to Sanghelios. It possesses several tentacles, similar to those of Earth's cephalopods.[1]

While fighting boat-to-boat duels during their training, the future Shipmaster of the Fleet of Righteous Vigilance and some of his clanmates encountered one of these creatures. After the future Shipmaster knocked his opponent off the boat, the creature noticed the splashes and attempted to drown the Sangheili who had been knocked off of the boat. The Sangheili could not fight against the creature's strength, and presumably drowned and was consumed by the creature. Years later, the Shipmaster expressed no pity for his clanmate, noting that only the worthy would survive.[1]


The scene in which the creature attacks a Sangheili is quite similar to the scene in Halo 2 where John-117 is captured by the Gravemind on Installation 05.

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