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This Unidentified Weapon is an energy weapon created and used by the Forerunners during the Forerunner-Flood war.[1]


It is a white, claw shaped device that fired a bright blue bolt of energy. Upon activation the weapon generated what appeared to be a blade of some sort, capable, as previously stated, of firing bolts of energy. When multiple weapons were used in conjunction, they could apparently combine energy bolts to form a single large blade-like projectile that sliced through the air.


  • The hilt for the weapon appears similar to a Constructor.
  • The activation style of the weapon might have influenced the Covenant Energy Sword.
  • Its appearance is somewhat similar to the Boltshot which appears in Halo 4, its function however is completely different. It is possible that this is a modified Boltshot, or a non-automated blade-forming Constructor.
  • The Blade that is generated is capable of firing a beam weapon. It is possible that this blade and the beam that it fires is constructed from hard light.
  • In Halo 4: Return of The Forerunners documentary, this weapon appeared as a possible design for the Suppressor weapon.




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