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This Unidentified Chieftain was a Jiralhanae of the Covenant Empire who led military forces on Heian, a planet located along a significant Covenant supply route.[1]


The Chieftain was first seen patrolling at night with a torch, watching over the Unggoy as they gazed upon a meteor shower. During the day, he had attacked O'Brien from behind, but was stopped by Cal-141. The ensuing battle left the Chieftain with one remaining eye, and the conflict ended when the Chieftain was pushed off a large waterfall. Later he managed to reach the surface and find the ODST squad in the middle of setting up the assassination of a Prophet. After discovering them, he quickly rampaged the squad with his Gravity Hammer. Cal-141 prevented O'Brien's death by pushing him out of the way, and taking the blow. The Chieftain, after mortally wounding the Spartan, was tackled by O'Brien, Cortez, and Dutch. As soon as he was on the ground, Dutch fired his M7S Submachine Gun into his open eye-socket, resulting in the Chieftain's death.


  • This Chieftain wears armor similar to that worn by the Jiralhanae Army Commander from the real-time strategy game, Halo Wars.
  • The Chieftain is at a hulking height compared to the normal 8'5 Jiralhanae, being 12 ft.
  • As he is a Chieftain, it is strange that he is only seen commanding Grunts.



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