The UNSC carrier is a type of starship used within the UNSC Navy.

Class HistoryEdit


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Carriers were used during the Insurrection. The Orion-class assault carrier was used to support ground operations,[6] and the Epoch-class heavy carrier was often the core of most Battle Groups.[5]

One such carrier during this, the UNSC Atlas, was the sight of a particularly bad fight between John-117 and several Orbital Drop Shock Troopers. This fight permanently soured relations between SPARTAN-IIs and ODSTs.[7]

Human-Covenant warEdit

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During the Fall of Reach, the Punic-class supercarrier UNSC Trafalgar, the pride of the Navy and flagship of the Epsilon Eridani Fleet was destroyed.[8]


The years after the war saw the addition of a couple of carrier classes. The Poseidon-class light carrier was created after the war.[9] The largest carrier ever, the UNSC Infinity, was completed in 2553.[10]




UNSC carriers vary drastically in size. The Punic-class[11] was three kilometers long,[2] nearly the length of a Covenant Reverence-class cruiser.[12] While the Poseidon-class was only a mere 719m in comparison.[4]


At 907,000,000 million metric tons,[13] the Infinity-class is one of the heaviest carriers the UNSC operates. The Epoch-class, at 35,000,000 metric tons,[5] is heavier than the Orion-class and Poseidon-class.[9]


UNSC carriers are armed with a single Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, 300 Archer missiles, and two Fusion rockets.


They carry large numbers of Longsword-class interceptors, as well as numerous Pelican-class dropships, to fit their role as carriers. They also transport contingents of Marines and Orbital Drop Shock Troopers and likely transport vehicles for the UNSC ground forces.

Ships of the LineEdit


Unnamed ClassesEdit

  • The UNSC Atlas was of a class with two front facing holes and smaller weapon-barrel like protrusions.
  • The UNSC Musashi was of a class with a front grill like structure.

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