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UNSC Weather Station z/41

UNSC Weather Station Z/41 is a United Nations Space Command weather research facility based in the Arctic region.[1]


It is involved in taking glacier core samples and has a Doppler Radar facility for taking wind speed measurements, and includes a platform for aerial transport.[2] Overhead, the Aurora Borealis can be seen flickering through the sky.[3]

The station seems to be an abandoned drilling platform converted for use as a weather station, located near an ice shelf. It is divided into four "towers," labeled Maintenance, Communications, Barracks and Laboratory.


  • The facility is the setting for the Halo 3: Legendary map pack map, Blackout. Although its predecessor in Halo 2, Lockout, was a facility created to study the Flood. This could lead to thoughts on how humans made something exactly similar to the Forerunner, especially considering its impractical (for humans) designs.
  • Bungie tasked the fans with coming up for a back story for Blackout and Z/41.
  • This is the setting for the machinima "Forecast: the Series"


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