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The UNSC Walk of Shame was a sloop of the UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence used by Jilan al-Cygni during the First Battle of Harvest.


It shadowed the ambush that Staff Sergeants Johnson and Byrne had organized in a human freighter to catch the supposed Insurrectionists on board which actually turned out to be Jackal privateers.[1] Sif concluded that the ship had a stealth package and was also armed with a single Archer Missile. It is described as having a delta wing shaped hull.[2]

It was sent back to Reach with a message prepared by Jilan al-Cygni with all available information on the Kig-yar pirates who, at that time, were believed to be the main comprising force of what would later be known as the Covenant.


  • The ships name may have been derived from a 21st-century slang phrase regarding a "phenomenon" in which a person has to walk past strangers and/or peers for an embarrassing reason before they can reach privacy. The ship was likely named as such to imply that it's opponents have to endure a walk of shame after being defeated in battle.



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