Roland introducing the simulator to a group of Spartans.

The UNSC Tactical Simulator, also known as TACSIM, is a UNSC military training system aboard the UNSC Infinity that utilizes the same technology as the War Games training program.[1]


The simulator was devised and implemented on board the Infinity at some point after early 2558. It recreates historical battles and presumably operates on the vessel's massive combat deck. Following the Second Battle of Requiem, all SPARTAN-IVs were required to train with the TACSIM, with the first battle recreated being the Battle of Draetheus V.[1] Another series of simulations were run that told the story of the Conduit.[2] It is also used to train Spartans in worst case scenarios concerning a Flood infestation. 


  • The simulation allows users to utilize the exact same skills and equipment as the soldiers whose stories they relive.
  • The simulation is said to be so realistic, one can smell the diesel when entering a Scorpion.[3]
  • When fully integrated with War Games, the TACSIM can create Invasion training exercises.[4]




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