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UNSC ships are organized into Fleets and further down into Battlegroups.


There are a few known ways of identifying UNSC ships. There is the Hull classification symbol, which gives each ship a letter classification and a number. There is the ship emblem, which is a unique image that is special to each ship. There is the UNSC REG system, which also a special serial number. Finally, there is the UNc system, which has an unknown meaning.



Main article: Magnetic Accelerator Cannon

MACs are massive coil guns that are used to accelerate projectiles ranging in mass from 600 tons to 3,000 tons, at extremely high velocities. These projectiles are composed of Titanium-A, depleted Uranium, and/or Tungsten with a ferrous (iron) core. Super MAC platforms accelerate MAC rounds to over "point four-tenths" the speed of light[1] (120,000 kilometers per second) with twenty-three linear accelerator coils, while ship-based MACs have a lower velocity. Super MAC platforms can also reload a round in 5 seconds, where as the smaller capital ships will need several minutes.

The UNSC frigate Gettysburg is quoted as firing a 600-ton shell at 30 kilometers per second. Before Reach fell, UNSC Pillar of Autumn was equipped with a modified MAC that could quickly fire three lighter projectiles in succession instead of just one heavier projectile. It was originally intended to allow Pillar of Autumn a better chance of disabling a Covenant ship, which was a feature required for a mission that was later scrubbed following the Fall of Reach.

UNSC Infinity has miniature MAC guns along its hull, to compliment its built in, larger MAC guns.

Missile BatteriesEdit

UNSC ships generally carry an array of missile batteries. Most UNSC ships carry one of the series of Archer Missiles. Though later these were replace with Fusion rockets. A common tactic among UNSC ships is to disable the target's shields with MAC rounds and then pummel it with Archer missiles.

Point Defense BatteriesEdit

Point defense batteries are common on UNSC warships. The most common battery array is the 50mm M910 Point-defense gun. However, UNSC Infinity sports 70mm M965 Fortress Point Defense Guns.

Nuclear WeaponsEdit

UNSC warships usually contain nuclear weapons of some sort. Generally they are the Shiva-class nuclear missile. Though, in the post-war era, UNSC ships generally use th M4093 Hyperion Nuclear Delivery System.

List of UNSC StarshipsEdit

The following is a list of the starships that belong to and are used by the United Nations Space Command.



Support StarshipsEdit

Light WarshipsEdit



Heavy Capital WarshipsEdit




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