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UNSC Spirit of Fire (HCS: CFV-88) was a modified UNSC Phoenix-class colony ship built in 2473.[2] Spirit of Fire's commanding officer was Captain James Cutter by 2531. Spirit of Fire's shipboard A.I. was known as Serina, later replaced with Isabel in 2559.

Operational HistoryEdit

Sof logo

Spirit of Fire's Ship emblem.

Spirit of Fire was originally a colony ship, transporting colonists as well as equipment such as hydroponics and schools, in the UNSC's expansion efforts.[5]

Prior to the Battle of Arcadia, Spirit of Fire had visited the planet Arcadia twice, once to aid in the colonization efforts taking place on the planet, and the second time to aid the local authorities in suppressing a violent student riot.[6]

More than fifty years after being constructed, it was recommissioned and refitted for military service prior to the Human-Covenant war. The last civilian captain of Spirit of Fire was Captain Alexander, who had retired from active duty in the year 2520, on the 20th of July, after the ship's mission to the world of Verent. Directly after Alexander's retirement, the vessel was requisitioned by the UNSC and scheduled for refit in order to better prepare it for the combat operations in which it would participate.[7]

Human-Covenant warEdit

The ship was refitted with a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon and other armaments to serve as a warship. Huge storage bays that used to house machine parts now carry everything from M12 Warthogs and M808B Scorpions to construction supplies for fire bases involved in front line engagements or in rearguard actions and repair equipment for herself and other ships and crew. In 2530, Spirit of Fire's thrust assemblies were replaced with powerful ones from the scuttled destroyer UNSC Calcutta, increasing output by 37%.[5]

Spirit of Fire took part in the Harvest Campaign, providing ground forces with supplies, reinforcements, vehicle support, orbital MAC strikes, air support and more, giving it a major role in the battle.

After the events on Harvest, Spirit of Fire arrived at the planet Arcadia, where it assisted in the evacuation of civilians and the eradication of the Covenant from the planet's surface. When Professor Ellen Anders was captured by the Arbiter, Spirit of Fire followed the Arbiter's flagship to a Flood-controlled planet in an unknown system containing a fleet of Forerunner warships. To ensure that the Covenant would not be able to use these warships against humanity, the reactor that powered Spirit of Fire's Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine was detonated inside the Shield World's artificial sun. The ship managed to escape the exploding Forerunner installation, but without a functioning slipspace drive, the journey home would take many years, if not decades. Most of the crew entered cryonic sleep at this point, with only a skeleton crew remaining active to run the ship.[7]

On February 10, 2534,[8] Spirit of Fire, previously designated as "missing," was declared "lost with all hands" by the UNSC. The reason for this change was kept top secret. A memorial service was held for the people aboard the vessel, but many of the crew's family members chose not to attend, holding out hope that their loved ones are still alive.[9] Various theories circulated throughout the UNSC as to the ship's actual fate, ranging from being lost during a covert mission for ONI, destroyed in orbit over Arcadia, defecting to Insurrectionist forces, or being stranded in space. When Mary Cutter, wife of Captain Cutter, was asked about the defection theory, she physically assaulted the reporter.[10]


After the Human-Covenant War, Spirit of Fire, along with the numerous other ships lost in the course of the war, was given an honor at the dedication of the Living Monument.

In 2558, UNSC Infinity was dispatched to rescue the long lost ship behind enemy lines after it was discovered and was being threatened by Vata 'Gajat when it arrived into Jul 'Mdama's Covenant-controlled territory.[11] However, this was actually a trap laid by Daniel Clayton for Admiral Terrence Hood. The ship was not there.

The Spirit of Fire was in fact still drifting through space, and had been boarded by Flood infection forms despite all the countermeasures imposed by Chief Medical Officer O'Neil and was drifting towards a collision course with a planet.

At some point around the time of The Reclamation, the Spirit of Fire arrived near Installation 00. There, the crew encountered The Banished, led by the Brute Atriox.[12] The ship provided fire support with Archer Missiles from space to deliver powerful airstrikes, as well as deploying fire bases and troops into combat zones.

During the battle for the Ark, Spirit of Fire was engaged by the Enduring Conviction, the Banished CAS-class assault carrier. Instead of immediately obliterating the UNSC command ship with onboard weaponry, the carrier sent a swarm of Banshees which quickly began to pick the Spirit of Fire apart. Fortunately, a cunning plan involving a Forerunner particle cannon on the Ark's surface allowed Jerome-092 and a Logistics AI, Isabel, to infiltrate the carrier and destroy it. The Spirit of Fire suffered minor damage, with half of its Deck Guns temporarily disabled, multiple hull breaches and some internal fires.[13]

The Spirit of Fire is currently still active, battling the Banished on the Ark.


The ship carried a variety of units and vehicles. Due to it's support nature, the Spirit had a variety of dropships and transports. This includes the D20 Heron, the D77-TC Pelican and the D82-EST Darter. The ship carried a few different vehicles including the M12 Light Reconnaissance Vehicle, the M12G1 Light Anti-Armor Vehicle, the M808 Main Battle Tank, the M850 Main Battle Tank, the M9 Main Anti-Aircraft Tank, the XRP12 Combat Support Vehicle, the SP42 Main Battle Tank and the M312 Heavy Recovery Vehicle. The Spirit also had a variety of aircraft, including the AV-14 Attack VTOL, the AV-22 Sparrowhawk and the AC-220 Gunship. The Spirit also had a sizable stock of the HRUNTING Mark III (B) Exoskeleton.

Once the Spirit arrived at Installation 00, they took on several other vehicles, including the M121 Light Strike Vehicle, the M400 Artillery System, the EV-44 Support VTOL, the D81-LRT Condor, the HRUNTING/YGGDRASIL Mark IX Armor Defense System, and the Colossus.

Following the Spirit's disappearance, the crew made a variety of "homemade" vehicles. These include the G77S Gunship, the G81 Heavy Gunship, the AV-14B Attack VTOL, and the M808S Main Battle Tank.

Known CrewEdit

Captain Cutter and A I Serina

Captain Cutter and Serina

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The following is a list of individuals who have captained Spirit of Fire at some point, found painted on the side of the ship.[14]

  • Coleman: 2473-2484
  • Rehkov: 2484-2491
  • Donald: 2491-2499
  • Johnson: 2499-2505
  • Roggan: 2507-2513
  • Alexander: 2513-2520
  • Cutter: 2520-


Halo WarsEdit


Universal abilities are available to a UNSC faction in skirmish and multiplayer, regardless of which leader you have selected. Leader-specific abilities are only available if a certain leader is selected. Each leader-specific ability except ODST Drop can be upgraded three times at the Field Armory.

Ability Description Leader
Heal and Repair Slowly restores hit points to all units and buildings within a small radius for a short period of time. It costs 350 resources and has a medium recharge time. Universal
Disruption Bomb Calls in a Shortsword which drops a large bomb that creates a pulsating blue field of energy, disabling enemy leader powers for one minute. It costs 450 resources. Universal
Pelican Transport Calls in a small group of Pelican dropships to quickly transport a group of units to a specific location. It costs 200 resources and does not have a recharge time. Universal
ODST Drop This ability allows you to drop up to ten ODST squads onto the battlefield. This ability requires the ODST Super Unit upgrade and costs 1 population and 100 resources per squad. James Cutter
MAC Blast This ability fires MAC rounds to the surface. Technologies can be researched at the Field Armory to increase the capacity of MAC rounds to up to four per blast. It has a long recharge time. James Cutter
Cryo bomb It calls in a Shortsword to drop a bomb which temporarily freezes units, destroying air units by causing them to drop and shatter and making larger units such as the Scarab weaker to attacks. Ellen Anders
Carpet Bomb It calls in a Shortsword to release a double line of bombs along an axis selected by the player. John Forge


  • Its ship emblem reads "Exitus Acta Probat," which is Latin for "the result justifies the deed" or "the ends justify the means."
  • Early concept art of Halo Wars suggests that a cat lived aboard the ship.
  • Prior to Halo Wars, the crew of UNSC Pillar of Autumn held the distinction of being the first UNSC forces to come into contact with the Flood. In fact, Spirit of Fire encountered them twenty-one years earlier, but was unable to return to UNSC territory to inform the rest of humanity about the threat.
  • UNSC Spirit of Fire was the first known ship to collide with a Covenant destroyer. The second and third were UNSC Iroquois and UNSC Fair Weather during the battle at Sigma Octanus IV.


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