The UNSC Special Forces are the special warfare branch of the UNSC Defense Force.[1]


Naval Special Warfare CommandEdit

Fall of Reach

SPARTAN-IIs in combat with the Covenant.

Spartan III Alpha Company

SPARTAN-IIIs from Alpha Company during training.


SPARTANs are statistically the most effective infantry assets available to the UNSC, personally responsible for countless victories against both the Covenant Empire, its remnants, and insurrectionist forces. Conscripts of both the S-II and S-III programs take part in intense combat indoctrination from an early age and receive extensive biological augmentation procedures. The S-II, S-IV, and some S-III personnel were equipped with advanced Mjolnir Powered Assault Armor to further increase their physical superiority. The SPARTANs exceptional lethality in combat lead some to believe they were actually invincible. Notably, they were feared among the Covenant as demons.  As a result, to keep higher morale during the Human-Covenant War, dead SPARTANs were never listed as such, instead listed as missing-in-action.

Below are all known SPARTAN squads and companies.

Orbital Drop Shock TroopersEdit


7th Battalion troops heading towards an enemy position on The Ark.

The Marines Corps' Orbital Drop Shock Troopers are an important part of any UNSC invasion force. Disciplined and skilled, they drop into the most hostile areas via SOEIVs. They attempt to complete some of the most difficult tasks in hostile areas, such as clearing enemy ground forces or establishing landing zones for incoming Pelicans.

Below are all known ODST units.

Force ReconEdit

Force Recon is the UNSC Marine Corps Special Forces contingent focused on reconnaissance and threat assessment.[2]

ONI SecurityEdit

ONI Security is the personal security division of ONI by Naval Special Warfare Group. They are recruited from the Army and Marines and placed in high priority locations. Their attire is a darkened version of the Marine BDU with heavier armor.

Special Warfare Command / SPECWARCOMEdit

Special Warfare Command (SPECWARCOM) is a special forces branch of the United Nations Space Command, directly subordinate to Unified Ground Command and indirectly to UNSC High Command. SPECWARCOM is the special forces branch for ground forces, which is mainly the UNSC Army. The command consists of various special operations teams that conduct covert operations against both the insurrectionists on UNSC controlled planets and the Covenant. The command also has tactical control of SPARTAN units for specific operations that fall under Unified Ground Command jurisdiction.



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