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UNSC Port Stanley (HCS: PRO-46328) was a Sahara-class heavy prowler,[1] given exclusively to ONI Captain Serin Osman for her mission to maintain instability among the remaining Covenant species.[2]

Operational HistoryEdit

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The UNSC Port Stanley was constructed in 2550 and was launched in 2552.[1]


The Port Stanley was equipped with a "Forerunner Enhanced" Shaw-Fujikawa translight drive, enabling her to cover a lot of space in a small amount of time. She was designed to be piloted by the AI Black Box.

Although the Port Stanley was ill-equipped for combat, she was perfectly manufactured for stealthy operations, covered entirely in surveillance and sensory equipment. Her entire hull was covered in a stealth coating and bristled with ELINT (Electronic Signals Intelligence) arrays. She was also equipped with an EMP generator for disabling ships should they be detected.



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