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A UNSC Military base, during the early years of the Human-Covenant war.

UNSC Bases are military installations used by the UNSC. They are often flexible, using various designs, terrain, and functions in their setup, allowing their occupants the best degree of flexibility possible. Incorporating existing and specialty equipment, ranging from old 20th Century bunkers[1] to Forerunner mesas,[2] to repurposed Colony Starter Units,[3] there are many different types. UNSC Bases serve as the primary deployment location for the Army branch of the UNSCDF who use planetary bases rather than naval ships like the other branches.

Structure Edit

Typically, UNSC Bases incorporate facilities for storage of weapons, ammunition and equipment, as well as barrack facilities for the personnel that staff it. They are often equipped with heavy defenses, such as autocannons to fend off assaults from Covenant air and ground forces. Normally, arrangements are made for the storage of vehicles for transport and combat, such as Warthogs, allowing fast transport to and from the base. Facilities for aircraft, such as Pelican dropships and AV-22 Sparrowhawk gunships, are standard and, indeed, vital for the bases survival, allowing response to aerial threats, such as Banshees.


Because of their stationary nature, the fact that UNSC bases do not move means that they make a promising target for Covenant assault by either ground or air forces, as well as making an easy target for Wraith artillery and orbital bombardment. Usually, if things reach this stage, there is little that can be done to defend the base, as the Covenant's overwhelming firepower wipes the area out in a very short amount of time.

Known BasesEdit

Name Location Status
Fort Deen Arcadia Likely glassed with the planet
Base Segundo Terra Mexico City, Mexico, Earth Unknown
Chawla Base Boston, URNA, Earth Unknown
Crow's Nest Kenya, Earth near Voi Destroyed by Covenant Loyalist assault
Diego Garcia Diego Garcia, Earth Unknown
HIGHCOM Facility Bravo-6 Sydney, Australia, Earth Unknown
Outpost C9 Kenyan coast, Earth Unknown
Rat's Nest Kenya, Earth Unknown
Alpha Base Harvest Unknown
Alpha Base Installation 04 Abandoned by UNSC, destroyed along with the installation.
Camp Hathcock Reach Overrun by Covenant infantry
Camp Independence Reach Abandoned by UNSC forces
Sword Base Reach Likely destroyed in the Fall of Reach
Sabre Program Launch/Research Range Reach Likely destroyed in the Fall of Reach
Alpha Headquarters Sigma Octanus IV Destroyed by Covenant and HAVOK Nuclear Warhead
Firebase Bravo Sigma Octanus IV Destroyed by Covenant Hunters
Camp Currahee Onyx Destroyed with the planet
Camp Patmos Chi Rho Unknown
Fort York Unknown Unknown
UCMB Sierra Largo Unknown Unknown
Fort Southwick Cascade Active




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