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UNSC Magellan was a carrier in the UNSC Navy.

In 2517, Jacob Keyes was assigned to Magellan as his first assignment prior to graduating Luna OCS Academy. Those orders were rescinded when he was sent to help Dr. Catherine Halsey study the candidates for the SPARTAN-II Program.[2]

At some point between 2525 and 2531, Magellan's Shaw-Fujikawa Translight Engine was damaged and needed to be repaired. The procedure was extremely dangerous because such drives were not meant to be taken apart once they went active. SPARTAN Frederic-104 witnessed the repair.[3] It is most likely that it served during the Human-Covenant war at either the Fall of Reach or the Battle of Earth.


  • The name likely comes from the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, who circumnavigated the world during a 3-year period (1519–1522).



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