Frigate 318-Heavy is inbound, and MAC rounds have been authorized.
— UNSC command-and-control, Assault on Szurdok Ridge, 2552[3]

UNSC Grafton (FFG-318) was a Paris-class heavy frigate in service with the UNSC Navy.[3]

Operational HistoryEdit

On August 12, 2552 during the Fall of Reach, Grafton provided fire support for UNSC Army forces engaging in combat in the Viery Territory, accompanied by the frigate UNSC Saratoga. During the battle, Grafton was authorized to utilize its Magnetic Accelerator Cannon to destroy a Covenant structure codenamed "Spire One." Grafton succeeded in destroying the installation. The CSO-class supercarrier Long Night of Solace, which had been hovering over the battle area, cloaked, revealed itself. With its cloaking shield gone, the supercarrier opened fire on Grafton with its ventral energy projector, destroying the frigate within less than a second, the beam ripping through the Titanium-A armor.[3]





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