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UNSC Fleet

The Home Fleet over Earth

In the UNSC, a fleet is a large contingent of warships usually assembled and put in charge of defending a specific area of UNSC space. UNSC fleets likely differ in size, as Covenant Fleets do, but it would seem that they number around 75 ships[1] though they seldom patrol together, single ships are commonly seen patrolling throughout UNSC space[2]


Unlike Covenant fleets, which are dominated by larger vessels such as Cruisers and Carriers, the backbone of the UNSC fleet consists of Frigates and Destroyers. The brass favors this because Covenant ships have better weapons and defenses, thus larger and slower UNSC ships would not have the maneuverability to outrun Covenant weapons, one of few advantages the UNSC has over the Covenant.[2] UNSC Fleets are given a simple numerical designation. UNSC fleets are usually commanded by a Fleet Admiral or full Admiral.

Known fleetsEdit


  1. Halo 2, level Cairo Station, a readout displayed 75 ships to a fleet.
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