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UNSC B Training Facility

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An outside view of The UNSC B Training Facility

UNSC B Training Facility[1][2] is a United Nations Space Command Marine Corps training installation believed to be located in Africa, Earth.

It is a large indoor environment with different close-quarters environments, including small buildings and tight corridors, that is used by "veteran instructors"[1] to train UNSC Marines. There is a mock-up of a Jackal Sniper on a three-story building, and also devices built into a wall that when triggered by nearby movement, display silhouettes of armed Brutes, supposedly to simulate a combat environment. It is used by instructors who favored hands on combat training, as opposed to a simple rifle/firing range, or a neural simulator.

UNSC B Training Facility also has an airbase outside that had several Pelican Dropships along with a pair of M831 TT Warthogs.

It has several labeled training sections, including M1, K1, and K2.




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