UNSC Atlas was a carrier-type vessel in service with the UNSC fleet in 2525.

Operational HistoryEdit

On April 2525, the vessel went on patrol in the Lambda Serpentis system. Unknown to most of the crew, the SPARTAN-IIs were aboard for this mission, to recover from their augmentations - and bury their dead - in the microgravity atmosphere.[1]

Atlas had a detachment of ODSTs from the 105th Orbital Drop Shock Trooper Division.[2] One morning, in Atlas' gym, an argument between John-117 and four ODSTs was caused by John accidentally almost crushing an ODST's foot with weights, which escalated into a fight, leaving two of the ODSTs dead and two badly wounded. The result of the fight was observed by Second Lieutenant Antonio Silva, and permanently marred the relationship between Spartans and ODST contingents.[3]

Known Crew Edit


  • It is named after the titan Atlas in Greek mythology, who held the sky on his back as punishment for rebelling against the gods.
  • UNSC Atlas has similar hull characteristics to the support vessel UNSC Spirit of Fire, perhaps the Atlas may also be a retrofitted Phoenix-class colony ship and therefore not a true carrier.




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