The UNSC Astrophysics Journal 034-23-01 was used by Commander Jacob Keyes to determine that Covenant warships were inbound for the Human colony of Sigma Octanus IV.

Transcript of Journal 034-23-01Edit

United Nations Space Command Astrophysics Journal 034-23-01

Date: May 09, 2540 (Military Calendar)

Encryption Code: None

Public Key: NA

Author(s): Lieutenant Commander Fhajad-034 (Service number [CLASSIFIED]), UNSC Office of Naval Intelligence.

Subject: Dimensional-Mass Space Compressions in Shaw-Fujikawa (a.k.a. "Slipstream") Space.

Classification: NA

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Abstract: The space-bending properties of mass in normal space are well described by Einstein's general relativity. Such distortions, however, are complicated by the anomalous quantum gravitational effects in Shaw-Fujikawa (SF) spaces. Using loop-string analysis, it can be shown that a large mass bends space in SF space more than general relativity predicts by an order of magnitude. This bending may explain how several small objects clustered closely together in SF space have been reported erroneously as a single larger mass.

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  • Fhajad's Spartan tag is listed as 034, which was the same as Sam's. It is now widely accepted to be "-084."

Sources Edit

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