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The UNSC Army is a branch of the UNSCDF, primarily responsible for land-based military operations.[1] They deploy primarily from pre-established bases located on a planet's surface[citation needed] as opposed to the Navy vessels that the other branches of the UNSCDF deploy from.


Little is known about the UNSC Army, due to the fact that the Army is a land-based fighting force, and thus does not operate alongside the UNSC Navy as often as the UNSC Marine Corps does. What is known is that the UNSC Army uses different equipment and weaponry from the Marines. Examples include: the M6J Carbine, the MA37 Assault Rifle, and the M392 DMR, in contrast to the MA5B/MA5C Assault Rifles and BR55 Battle Rifle in use by the Marines.[2] All active duty soldiers of the UNSC Army wear different versions, depending on the environment, of the UNSC Army Battle Dress Uniform.


The UNSC Army is known to frequently patrol colony planets, but little is known about the actual operations they have participated in. Known planetside operations include the Battle of Reach, where Army units assisted SPARTAN Noble Team in defending the planet,[3] the Battle of Earth, where an Army unit of 20 troopers tried to aid Marine forces in New Mombasa and was annihilated in the attempt,[4] and the Battle of Mare Erythraeum on Mars, where Colonel James Ackerson led an unknown number of Army forces against the Brute commander Lepidus and his army.[5][notes 1] Unlike the Marines, who take offensive action against the enemy from naval vessels, the UNSC Army launches offensive operations from land bases against land based targets and are used in capturing and establishing control over UNSC-held territory.[1]

There are also a number of Army special forces groups. The only known such group is 3 Charlie, a reconnaissance team which, along with Noble Team, is a part of Special Warfare Group Three.

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UNSC Army Enlisted Ranks
Private Private (Grade 2) Private First Class Specialist/Corporal Sergeant Staff Sergeant Sergeant First Class Master Sergeant/First Sergeant Sergeant Major/Command Sergeant Major Sergeant Major of the Army
For the UNSC Army Officer rank structure click here
UNSC Army Officer Ranks
Second Lieutenant First Lieutenant Captain Major Lieutenant Colonel Colonel Brigadier General Major General Lieutenant General General General of the Army
For the UNSC Army Enlisted rank structure click here


  • The helmets worn by Army soldiers appear to be similar to those worn by the Marines; and are the base of the MJOLNIR Military Police armor permutation in Halo: Reach's Armory. Additionally, their shoulder pauldrons are almost identical to the GUNGNIR shoulder pieces and the UA/NxRA utility on the right leg.
  • It's interesting to note that female army soldiers have hair descending down from their helmets, possibly showing that the Army is more lenient with its rules on hair length compared to the Marines (where all female Marines seem to have crew cuts).
  • The UNSC Army makes its in-game debut in Halo: Reach, in which UNSC Army soldiers, Marines, and ODSTs have their own service tags showing their name and rank. Some of them are named after Bungie and Rooster Teeth employees.
  • Oddly, if you listen closely to the transmissions and dialogue in Reach, the UNSC Army is never mentioned by name. The soldiers are called troopers, but there is never a definitive mention of the branch.
  • As mentioned above, the Army is never referred to as such by any of the characters, leading more casual fans to assume they are Marines. This, combined with the fact that most gamers are in general unfamiliar with Army ranks, causing further confusion. It is possible that Bungie viewed the fact that without in-game clarification the Army soldiers would inevitably be mistaken as Marines as irrelevant.
  • Strangely, sometimes with the IWHBYD Skull an Army Trooper will say, if the player stares at him long enough, that he wonders if he were a Spartan and how "cool" it would be able to beat any Marine. This could imply a rivalry between the UNSC Army and Marines somewhat like the ODST rivalry with Spartan II's or the old rivalry between the US Army and US Marines of the 21st Century United States.
  • The concept helmet of the Army Falcon Pilot resembles the ODST Helmet, but with a transparent visor.
  • The UNSC Army seems to be more amazed, and thankful of SPARTAN deployments, possibly due to the fact that they spend less time aboard Navy vessels than the Marines. This is exampled in the level "Exodus", where a female trooper asks, "A SPARTAN? Where the hell did he come from?" followed by a male trooper responding thankfully with, "Who cares! SPARTAN! Assist!"
  • It is possible to have four to five 1st Lieutenants recruited into your fireteam, this is most likely an error on Bungie's part.
  • Some Army Troopers have been seen wearing facepaint in combat, others wear balaclavas.
  • The Troopers have lower health than the Marines in Halo 3, however their health regenerates unlike the Marines' health.
  • The UNSC Army is never mentioned and is not present during the Hillside Memorials dedication, (to Admiral Parangosky's disapproval) despite their share of fighting in the war, it's likely that this was because the Army itself hadn't been thought of by Bungie.
  • If you betray several Army troopers in the Halo: Reach campaign, the remaining troopers will return fire on you and shout insults like "Scum like you make me sick.". The return fire itself is very weak, compared to past Halo games and it is very easy to kill them. However, if a Noble Team AI is present, the Spartans will kill you instantly by headshot.
  • Ironically in Halo: Reach civilians have more health than the Army Troopers, despite them wearing no visible combat armour.
  • If you shot a Troopers' helmet, it will fall off and they won't pick it back up, however, this only works on certain male Troopers.
  • UNSC Army also served on the UNSC Infinity in Halo 4 and were deployed on a joint operation with the Marines, Air Force, and Navy units in the Land Grab mission in Spartan Ops. There is no visible difference between Army and Marines and the Army is not mentioned outside of the first Spartan Ops mission.

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  1. Considering that James Ackerson was an Army Colonel, the UNSC most likely used Army forces during the Battle of Mare Erythraeum



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