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This article contains information on new or unreleased content, and may not be complete, confirmed or correct. Please update it as soon as any relevant, up-to-date, and accurate material is available.

UNSC Argent Moon was an ONI research facility.[1]


At some point prior to the 2558 at the station, the ONI researchers aboard were attempting to develop a chemical weapon. There were 3 known attempts, although all had some kind of flaw. The first compound they created wasn't potent enough, as test subjects were sickened by the compound, but they all made a full recovery. The second attempt led to the creation of another compound. This one was fatal, but its LD50 rating wasn't high enough for it to be a total success. The third attempt yielded a compound that was much more satisfactory than the others. It's only flaw was that it's half-life was dangerously long, increasing the risk of unwanted contamination.[2]

An unknown amount of time passed before a catastrophic accident happened aboard the Argent Moon. A containment breach caused the chemical weapon to vaporise and contaminate the whole station. According to logs left behind by the station's AI RKR, everyone aboard the station died. RKR quarantined the station, sending it drifting into deep space and jettisoning the human remains that he could. He left a warning to any UNSC personnel that may board the station in the future that the station was contaminated with toxic gas. Eventually succumbing to rampancy, RKR left one final log, saying he was preparing for final dispensation. The station drifted alone in space until it was discovered by scavengers.[3]

In 2556, the Argent Moon was taken from ONI.[4]

UNSC AttackEdit

Main article: Raid on the UNSC Argent Moon

At some point in either March or April 2558, the UNSC sent in Blue Team[4] to retrieve sensitive data still on the facility from Jul 'Mdama's Covenant.[5] During the battle, Blue Team decided to overload a reactor somewhere within the facility.[6]




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