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UNSC Alpha Priority Transmission 04592Z-83

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UNSC Alpha Priority Transmission 04592Z-83[1] was a United Nations Space Command transmission sent by Admiral Roland Freemont of FLEETCOM in 2552 that alerted all UNSC warships in the Reach, Tantalus, and Jericho Systems that Covenant warships were attacking Reach, and that all nearby UNSC fleet vessels should rendezvous at Rally Point Zulu to repel the assault.

It was encoded by encryption key Red and decrypted by File/bravo-tango-beta-five/.


United Nations Space Command ALPHA PRIORITY TRANSMISSION 04592Z-83

Encryption Code: Red

From: Admiral Roland Freemont, Commanding Fleet Officer, FLEETCOM Sector One Commander/ (UNSC Service Number: 00745-16778-HS)

To: ALL UNSC warships in REACH, JERICO, and TANTALUS systems


Classification: Classified (BGX Directive)

/start file/

Covenant presence detected on REACH system's edge coordinates 030 relative. All UNSC warships are hereby ordered to cease all activities and regroup at rally point ZULU at best speed. ALL SHIPS are to enact the Cole Protocol immediately.

/end file/

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