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“Humanity can now breathe again. The Covenant has finally been driven back. The cost in lives- our troops and our citizens- has been enormous. But freedom never comes cheaply, and now, we rebuild. I promise this to every man, woman, and child on Earth and in its colonies. While we will continue to strive for a peaceful coexistence with other species, humanity will never again allow itself to be the victim of aggression. This is the moment we start to reclaim our rightful place in the universe.”
— Inaugural speech of Dr. Ruth Charet, new President of the Unified Earth Government; January 2553. [5]

The Unified Earth Government, or UEG, is the central civilian government that administers Earth and its colonies throughout a portion of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. It houses the Colonial Administration Authority, the UNSC, as well as the UN.[3]


The Unified Earth Government traced its origins back to the Interplanetary War of the mid- to late-22nd Century in the Sol system. With numerous Earth governments fighting independent battles against Frieden and Koslovics forces, the UN became involved, eventually using the war to absorb most, if not all Earth governments into itself, forming a global government to combat the terrorists and stabilize the planet and its other world colonies. The UN won the war and the Unified Earth Government was formed, with its' primary defense, scientific and exploratory force being the newly formed UNSC. Although the UEG seemed to have complete control over Earth and its colonies, the UN still existed as an organization and a political entity in the 26th century.[6]

During the Human-Covenant war, the UNSC assumed the governing function of the Unified Earth Government in the face of the overwhelming Covenant threat. Following the end of the war and the inauguration of Dr. Ruth Charet the UNSC handed back civilian powers on January 8, 2553.[4]


Major BranchesEdit

Flag/Symbol Name Description
CAA Colonial Administration Authority The Colonial Administration Authority is the branch that administers the various colonies that belong to the UEG, incorporating the UNSCDF. It keeps extensive files on every colony world and city under the UEG, available to UNSC members for planning missions. The CAA became mostly defunct as the UNSC took control of most of its assets and influence.
Halo 4 ENSA Logo United Nations Space Command The UNSC is the UEG's primary defense force, intended to protect innocent colonists and colony worlds from attack by privateers, Insurrectionists and other unknown threats at the time, such as the Covenant. It includes various special forces, and Militia organizations, but is mainly comprised of the Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force and Army. It is also the UEG's main exploratory and scientific arm.
United nations flag United Nations Even though it originally formed the UEG, the United Nations has been absorbed into a branch of the Earth government by the 26th century.[3]

Lesser BranchesEdit



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Within UEG territory, many different schools can be found. Generally, there are two types of schools: military schools and regular schools.


The UEG uses the United Nations Credit monetary unit to organize its economical stability by selling or buying military equipment, supplies and costs for shipping, etc. The UN Credit was implemented by the United Nations as a universal currency some time before its dissolution and replacement with the Unified Earth Government in 2164. For transporting food and raw materials between colonies, the UEG maintains a merchant navy through the UNSC, run by the Department of Commercial Shipping. UEG as well has a tax collecting service, the Internal Revenue Service that is run by the Department of the Treasury


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There are many corporations that operate within UEG territory. They all range in sector or industry. They also have different headquarters on different planets. Some are completely civilian oriented and others are contracted by the UNSC.



Halo Star Map V2

An approximate map of significant UNSC systems.

Human occupied systems were known to encompass a relatively wide radius of the Orion Arm of the Milky Way galaxy, in various stages of colonization; from the well developed Inner colonies, to the relatively recent and struggling Outer Colonies. So far, 122 colonies have been referenced. Most of these colonies, under the influence of the UEG, were therefore controlled militarily by the UNSC. 21 of these colonies were inner colonies. 26 of these are outer colonies. 75 of these have not been placed into either the outer or inner colonies. 38 systems in total have been referenced. There are probably more colonies in systems that were referenced and orbiting other planets.

The territory encompassed by the Inner colonies seemed to stretch in at least a 38-light year radius around Earth,[note 1] and the Outer Colonies beyond that. By 2468, the outermost colony was Harvest. Colonies may have been settled after Harvest, or founded during the Human-Covenant War.

The UEG's influence over these worlds were greatly reduced by the Covenant during the Human-Covenant War, with only Earth and a few scattered colonies left mostly intact by the end of the conflict in 2552. Since the end of the conflict, the UNSC is working to restore its galactic territories and has even recolonized some of its former worlds.

List of Known ColoniesEdit

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Information suggests that at least some nations on Earth and other planetary bodies still exist and probably maintained their independence at least partially despite the global unification that was performed by the United Nations and Unified Earth Government in the 22nd century during the Interplanetary War. However, these may have just been administrative divisions, or they may have retained some form of self-government while being in the UEG. At one point all of these were annexed into the UEG.


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Known Legislature and LawsEdit

These are some of the known pieces of legislature that the UEG (or its predecessor, the UN) or CAA passed and continue to use. For UNSC military laws and passed legislature see UNSC Laws.


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  • Both the Unified Earth Government and the United Nations Space Command are references to the human government (United Earth Government) and military (United Earth Space Council), respectively, from Bungie's Marathon series.


  1. As the Lambda Serpentis system was one of the last outer colonies to be attacked before the Inner colonies in 2536, this means that the Outer Colonies begin at least 38-light years away from Earth.


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