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Type-58 Light Assault Gun Carriage

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This article is about the Wraith in Halo 5: Guardians. For more uses of the term Wraith, see its disambiguation page.

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A new artillery vehicle for a new style of war, the smaller, more nimble Wraith plasma artillery is used by both sides of the Sangheili civil war to great effect. A completely new design, the T-58 LAGC features a host of refinements and design elements of great interest to the humans’ Office of Naval Intelligence.
— Official description, Canon Fodder[3]

The Type-58 Light Assault Gun Carriage, better known as the Wraith, was a post-war replacement for the T-26 Wraith used during the Human-Covenant war. It functions largely the same but is lighter and more mobile, and tuned with refinements and design elements that interest the Office of Naval Intelligence.[3]


Sword Wraith - A Wraith with thicker armor, used by the Swords of Sanghelios.
Wraith Ultra - A Wraith with even thicker armor, equipped with a mortar that does lingering area of effect damage.
Temple Wraith - A Wraith with even thicker armor and an upgraded plasma mortar that can fire faster.
Anti-Air Wraith - A Wraith with red armor, dual triple-pod fuel rod cannons and a shielded plasma repeater cannon.



  1. Covenant vehicles are designated based on when they were first properly documented by the UNSC. Thus, the Type-58 LAGC was first documented in 2558.