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The Type-54 Mass Deployment Carapace is a type of large multiple-occupant Covenant orbital entry vehicle used by the Covenant remnants.


Created by Lodam Armory, the T-54 MDC is significantly larger than most Covenant drop pods, including the Type-51 Individual Breaching Carapace and the Type-53 Squad Breaching Carapace.

Unlike most Covenant drop pods, the T-54 MDC is reusable, capable of deploying numerous Covenant troops from low altitude before flying back to the vessel. The pod is constructed with ship-grade armor and uses a low-range gravity dampening pulse to allow the infantry inside to safely drop to the ground.



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  2. The UNSC classifies Covenant tech and vehicles based on the year they were first seen. Type-54 indicates that the UNSC first encountered the MDC in 2554.

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