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Type-51 Individual Breaching Carapace

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The Type-51 Individual Breaching Carapace is a variation of the single occupant orbital entry vehicle used by the Covenant Remnant.


Developed by Lodam Armory, the Type-51 IBC is an orbital insertion vehicle. Of the three drop pod types used by the Covenant Remnant, including the Type-53 Squad Breaching Carapace and the Type-54 Mass Deployment Carapace, it is the smallest and is only capable of transporting a single soldier. It is an updated version of previous drop pod designs used by the Covenant. It can carry a single occupant and is similar in size compared to the previous drop pod used by the Covenant empire, but is also more elongated and sleek in design. It is used to insert a single Elite onto the battlefield.





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  2. The UNSC classifies Covenant tech and vehicles based on the year they were first seen. Type-51 indicates that the UNSC first encountered the IBC in 2551.

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