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The Type-26 Anti-Aircraft Stationary Gun is a Shade turret that fires anti-aircraft plasma bolts in 5-round bursts. Unlike the Type-26 Anti-Infantry Stationary Gun and the Type-26 Anti-Vehicle Stationary Gun, it sports energy shields on both sides of the open cockpit, protecting the occupant from enemy infantry, but also making it extremely visible in low-light situations. It cannot be boarded by Spartans due to these shields, as well as the turret auto-targeting any player within its line of sight, making it impossible to board.

The AA Shade also appears in Halo 5: Guardians, albeit it can now be operated by the player. Just like in Halo: Reach, the anti-air shade fires very powerful anti-air plasma bolts, which act similarly to a Revenant's mortar shot or a fuel rod. Krakens usually have AA shades on it as its main form of defense. This form of the turret can be placed in Forge.

Changes from Halo: Reach to Halo 5: GuardiansEdit

  • Can now be operated by the player.
  • Has two frontal cannons instead of one.
  • Now fires fully-automatically instead of in bursts.
  • Lacks any form of energy shielding.
  • Slower rate of fire.
  • Shots travel slower.




  • The AA Shade was the only legitimately usable weapon, vehicle or turret to have no reticle whatsoever in the entire Halo franchise; this was changed in the Warzone Firefight content update where a reticle was added; this reticle is the same as the reticle used by the standard Shade.


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