Battle taking place outside of the Tterrab Industries headquarters.

Tterrab Industries was a human corporation headquartered in downtown New Mombasa on Earth.

A subdivision of the corporation, Tterrab Highway Administration, worked on highways since its corporate symbol, a lower-case "a," is visible on the emergency doors in the highways of the NM 105 E. The name of the corporation is seen printed on the highway signs of the Tsavo Highway.

Tterrab Industries may also have worked on Wind Power Station 7 on Zanzibar Island and the abandoned weather station Blackout, as its symbol appears in both levels.

History Edit

In October, 2552, during the Battle of Earth, Mombasa was abandoned and Tterrab Industries appeared to have been locked up. The area in front of it was the site of intense fighting between Marines of the 405th Marine Infantry Division and Covenant Wraith tanks, eventually culminating when John-117 and a Scarab arrived in the area. The building was not harmed, but it is presumed destroyed when the city was glassed by the Covenant.

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