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Tribute is a song included in the Halo 3: Original Soundtrack. It plays during the ending cutscene of Halo 3, as Lord Hood gives his speech and the 3-volley salute takes place. It is meant to have both a feeling of triumph and yet sadness over the losses suffered.

It begins with a drum and strings melody similar to the theme from the ending cutscene of the Halo 2 level Cairo Station. Strings then take over with an orchestrated version of Respite, first heard during the High Charity Suite from the Halo 2 OST. Higher strings and choir then reinforce the melody as it repeats. The melody continues to swell until the climax, before it quickly fades away, leaving only a quiet single held string note.

It runs for 2:52.


  • The song incorporates several elements from both the High Charity Suite and the Cairo Suite, including the High Charity Theme, and themes from The Last Spartan.
  • The fact that it uses elements from "The Last Spartan" is a meaningful way of sending out the (presumed dead) John-117, as he was (as far as Earth knew) truly the last Spartan.
  • The use of both Human-associated music (The Last Spartan), and Covenant-associated music (The High Charity Theme), could be commemorating the loss of life for both the Humans and the Elites during the war.
  • A song similar to this piece can be heard in the closing credits of Halo 2.
  • Part of the song is included in a Peril remix in Halo: Out With a Whimper.
  • It is in the same key and uses the same chords that Peril uses.

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