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Triad is a human religion founded by the self-proclaimed guru Dasc Gevadim.[1] The followers of Triad believe that everyone harbored three internal lives, and believed one can reach spiritual "transcendence" by linking the three.

The founder Dasc ran many seminars through video feeds until he disappeared. These videos received many purchases and the religion gained millions of followers. When Dasc disappeared, many believed he had reached transcendence when in reality he had left to Beta Gabriel under a false identity. During the Jiralhanae occupation, he was captured and placed in captivity. He managed to escape with UNSC linguistic expert Connor Brien, however he felt that he could not let the secret of his continuing existence be revealed. Thus, Dasc killed Brien with his own M6 sidearm and hid from the UNSC reinforcements which arrived soon after, preferring that one man die so that the faith of millions could be preserved.


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