Transport is a support ability for all UNSC leaders in Halo Wars, accessed from the Spirit Of Fire menu. It targets a group of units, and calls down one or more Dropship 77-Troop Carrier, depending on the size of the group, from the Spirit of Fire to transport them from one area to another, as long as the target location is within the player's Line Of Sight. The Pelicans are not usable in-game, but have their own health statistics and can be shot down during transport.

While the Covenant employ a similar system in the campaign, using Spirit dropships, this feature is unavailable in multiplayer for both A.I. and Covenant players. This is most likely due to the fact that the Covenant have Gravity Lifts which transport their units to their leader unit. None of the transports (Pelicans or otherwise) have any weapons capabilities, unlike in previous games.


  • If a player's SPARTAN hijacks a Covenant vehicle and Pelicans come to transport it, its animation is being hot dropped.
  • Unlike other UNSC units in Halo Wars, the camera will not follow the Pelican if you put your crosshairs over it.
  • It is the only leader power for the UNSC that does not have to recharge.
  • In Beachhead, you can't transport because of the Super Scarab.
  • If a pelican is lost, all the units on board will be gone too (hero units in campaign will land where it was shot down, but still need to be revived)
  • If three vehicles are selected for transport, two will somehow fit on one pelican (this is also true for tanks)