Sergeant Tomas Navarro is a retired UNSC Marine Corps infantryman. He served from 2555 to 2567.[1]


He was a Marine infantryman who preferred the M90 Shotgun. Apparently he was a long time friend of Marine Roland Huffman.

He was later interviewed in a documentary regarding his role in the Marines and Enemy Equipment, in the Museum of Humanity.


  • He joined the Marines in 2555, two years after the end of the Human-Covenant war. This is most likely a mistake on the part of the production company; they were likely unaware of Halo 3's ending, specifically regarding the date of the end of the war. It is possible he was involved in removing hostile Covenant remnants from human space after the War. It is also possible that he could have been drafted or had been part of a militia defending the planet during the war.

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