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“Poor Tom..."
"Poor Tom?! He almost got us killed!”
Sadie and Mike, after Tom's death.

Tom Uberti[1] was a salesman in New Mombasa. He was killed during the Battle of New Mombasa.

In Sadie's Story, Uberti hitched a ride in the Olifant that Sadie Endesha and Mike Branley were using to travel through the Covenant-occupied New Mombasa and tried to sell them siding materials. When he overheard that some of the Covenant species were friendly, he overreacted; opened the Olifant's top hatch and tried to "negotiate" with a nearby Wraith, saying that it was a down market, being a salesman. Sadie and Mike immediately exited through the Olifant's back ramp, narrowly avoiding death. Uberti wasn't so lucky; the Wraith obliterated the vehicle, and he was killed instantly.




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