• I really only joined the Halo online community after Halo 5's Forge came out. Forged a little before that, but the scripting in Halo 5's Forge really got my attention. I don't make maps, just tinker with the scripting to see what's possible and try to help people with it and document it to spread the knowledge. Still a little new to wikis but I've played around with stuff like templates in the past.

    Since Forge Scripting is fairly complicated, I'd like to start some documentation for it that everyone can contribute to. Halo Nation seems like the most established Halo wiki & already has some info about Forge, so it seems like a good place for that info. I'm just not sure if help documentation is within the scope of what Halo Nation is going for. Let me know if you guys think Forge & Scripting documentation could belong here or if it should go into a new wiki. I can just proceed with it if we want to check if it's a fit or not.

    You can find me at Forgehub, Halowaypoint and XBL with this gamer tag (Yumudas Beegbut). Just sound the name out and you'll see what kind of person you're dealing with here.

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