• I have tried posting the following edit into the SPARTAN-II Program's page but it keeps getting edited back out. I would understand if I were given a reason, but as of yet, I see no reason why this is not a viable contribution to the page. So, for anyone wondering, here you go. Unless I get shut down again.

    Given available information, 16 SPARTAN-IIs have been confirmed present at the Fall of Reach, 9 being confirmed KIA, and 7 having been confirmed survivors. 5 SPARTAN-IIs are unknown to have been present at the Fall of Reach, however one of them was confirmed to be alive during it. 5 further SPARTAN-IIs have been confirmed alive during the Fall of Reach, however given previous assignments, they were unlikely to have returned for the battle. 6 SPARTAN-IIs are currently confirmed MIA during the battle. 10 other SPARTAN-IIs have been confirmed to have survived augmentation but did not make it to Reach for various reasons. Of the supposed 12 crippled during augmentation, seven have been named. Of the supposed 30 killed during augmentations, one has been mentioned by tag. Of the supposed 75 SPARTAN-II candidates abducted, no less than 58 have been mentioned thus far, assuming Beta-Red-Actual and Red Fifteen are already named SPARTANs, 40 of whom would have been augmentation survivors. If Beta-Red-Actual and Red Fifteen are previously unnamed SPARTANs, this total raises to 60, 42 of whom would have been confirmed augmentation survivors.This, obviously, contradicts the statement that only 33 SPARTAN-IIs from Class I survived augmentations.

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    • Because it has already been stated from what I have seen.

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    • Its been made clear by the new Halo Wars 2 and careful reading of the comics and Halsey's journel.

      There are 33 spartans who survived augmentation. 12 washouts. 30 deaths.

      Black team--supposedly killed by augmentation, actually recusicated or death faked by ONI-- 4 spartans

      Red team (Halo wars)--washouts rehabitated-- 3 spartans

      Total--7 spartans. (Coincidence? The 7?)

      Halo the fall of reach mentions in the past decade (2542-2552) 3 spartans were killed and 1 wounded



      Cal-- 2542-2551

      Wounded spartan

      Shelia--2544 (Halsey claimed she was 'missing' in Ghosts of Onyx so i assume she was not among the 3 KIA spartans mentioned in Fall of Reach)

      Total number of spartans killed in that decade--3 spartans (Shelia excluded)

      Spartans that survived augmentations. Assuming that 'Beta red actual', 'Red fifteen' and 'Unnamed spartan (Harvest)' refer to named spartans in this count.

      James, Jai, Li, Naomi, Daisy, Joshua, Vinh, Samuel, Randall, Issac, Will, Anton, Keiichi, Kurt, Jorge, Linda, Malcolm, Maria, Shelia, Solomon, Arthur, Kelly, Grace, Fred, Adriana, John, Mike, Joseph, Oscar, Cal, Carris, Another spartan (Committed suicide in homecoming)

      Total--32 spartans (Ralph is excluded as he washed out and never got mjolnir)

      In short, Spartans at Reach--18 (Excluding Jorge)

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