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    As you'll no doubt have heard, being a Halo wiki member (and probably Halo fan), what is undoubtedly the best Halo game so far and one of the best compilations in gaming history is releasing this year: Halo: The Master Chief Collection!

    In it, Halo 2 is getting the anniversary treatment; a full remastering of the campaign, 6 classic multiplayer map remakes, reimagained music, and re-recorded sound effects. This comes only 3 years after Halo: CEA. For me at least, this is ample proof of anniversary editions of at least the original trilogy.*

    Before many people say that it doesn't need it, yes it does. Firstly, it runs at 1152×640, not even HD (about 640p rather than 720/1080p). Additionally, the models have very few polygons (look at Johnson's head in the second cutscene in the level Halo, and the marines in the final cutscene) and many of the textures, while very detailed, are very bland - predominantely a single colour. Finally, some of the lighting doesn't really work (most obvious in places in the final warthog run).

    However, the Master Chief Collection contains Halo 3 at 60FPS, 1080p, and with improved lighting. This will (hopefully) fix two of the four major graphical problems with the game, although it will make the low poly-count models more obvious. This leads me to the question, what will 343 do to make people buy Halo 3: Anniversary, when they could get the non-remastered version of it, plus 3 other games in TMCC?

    They could do more remade maps, include extra content such as firefight, or add another campaign (e.g. a campaign as an elite, or ODST's campaign remastered), but what would you want them to do in Halo 3: Anniversary to make it worth the purchase?

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    PS: *If you still don't believe me, think about it this way: Halo is a yearly release now. TMCC this year, H5G next. H6 will take 3 years to develop - H6 will be 2018. That leaves two empty years. 2016 will probably be Halo Wars 2, which leaves the easiest option for 2017 as Halo 3: Anniversary.

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